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Leadership Responsibilities

Congratulations!  If your son’s been elected to a troop leadership position it is quite an honor……and a responsibility.  Your son will play a critical role in the success of Troop 1, including planning patrol meetings and campouts, communicating about these activities to the scouts, and keeping the scouts organized during troop and patrol events.  Your supporting role is also critical to your son’s leadership development and the troop’s overall success.

The senior patrol leader, assistant senior patrol leader, patrol leaders, and troop guides must attend a monthly Patrol Leaders Council (PLC) meeting, in addition to the regular Tuesday night troop meetings.  The PLC meeting occurs on the last Tuesday of each month at the Scout Hut and is the planning meeting for all upcoming troop activities. Each patrol must be represented at these meetings.  It is good if both the patrol leader and assistant patrol leader attend on a regular basis, but if the patrol leader cannot attend, it is his responsibility to coordinate with the assistant patrol leader to ensure their patrol is represented.

Similarly, all patrol leadership is expected to be present at each campout or event.  Again, if the patrol leader cannot attend, it is his responsibility to ensure that his assistant is available to carry out their duties.

Please help your son learn about the responsibilities and rewards of leadership by encouraging him to be accountable for his new role.  Provide transportation, as needed, to ensure that he is present for meetings and events, ask about planning for upcoming events (if he doesn’t know what’s being planned, encourage him to be a more active listener!), and encourage him to come to meetings prepared with a pencil, paper, troop, school, and other calendars, and any assignments he may have been previously given.

We look forward to supporting your boys and having your support during their six-month term of service and hope they will continue to serve in various leadership roles beyond that.


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