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Popcorn Sales

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Troop 1 Fundraisers

Boy Scout fundraisers typically work well because most people recognize the good things that scouting offers the kids and they are willing to help support that work. Our job is to be organized and motivated toward this effort.

Boy Scout fundraising options are chosen by each individual troop. There are lots of good Cub and Boy Scout fundraising ideas to choose from. This year, we will focus our energy on several, Popcorn Sales, Pumpkin Delivery, Luminarias, and Firewood production and sale.

Fundraising projects are very important to the troop. Not only for special activities, camping trips, equipment purchases, etc. but also they can be very educational for our youth, teaching them values of hard work, economics, financial management, and budgeting.

All Scout fundraisers must be approved before they are started. The following are general guidelines for fundraising projects:

  • Units should not solicit direct monetary contributions.
  • Fundraisers cannot involve gambling (e.g. raffles) or conflict with local ordinances.
  • They should avoid conflicts with goods and service provided by local businesses.
  • The service or product offered should be worth the amount paid.
  • Enter no fundraising contract that could bind the Chartered Organization, Council, or BSA.
  • They should not interfere with the territory of another unit.
  • Avoid holding fundraiser during times that conflict with community, council, or other fundraising drives.

Click here for the Official BSA Fundraising Form

Click here for the Troop 1 Fundraiser Form



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