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            We currently do not present such an award, but it may be something the Troop considers. Such an award would be presented to the young man judged by the adult leaders that best exemplifies the image and spirit of Scouting.  It would be presented yearly at the Winter Court of Honor.  Selection will be by the adult leaders of the Troop.  The scout receiving the award will be one who conscientiously strives to live by the Scout Law and Motto. He will be a young man who is committed to Troop goals and programs.  Regular advancement as well as regular attendance at meetings and on outings will be hallmarks of the honor scout.  He will provide leadership and demonstrate good judgment in the performance of his troop duties.  The honor scout will be neat in appearance and will wear his scout uniform appropriately and with pride.  The recipient of this award will demonstrate a quest for knowledge and a commitment to community service.  He will serve as a role model for others and will represent what is right about America.  He will be the Troop 1 Honor Scout.