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In January, and again in August, all scouts in leadership positions attend a one-day conference to plan the troop meetings and camping trips, and establish the schedule for the coming months.  Youth leaders at this conference are given information regarding school, holiday, Sandia District and Great Southwest Council calendars.  They are also given a list of camping/outing/field trip locations that the adult leaders find acceptable (and safe).  The youth leaders are expected to bring with them information about the needs and concerns of the scouts they represent within their patrol and troop.  Adult leaders are available at this conference to help if needed.

Copies of the Troop calendar established at this conference will be emailed to all Troop families.  The Troop will make a special effort to adhere to this calendar so that everyone can plan their personal calendars accordingly.



Troop 1 goes on a weekend camping trip once a month.  All members are expected to participate since this is one of the highlights of our Scouting Program.  (There's an old saying "take the 'outing' out of 'Scouting' and there's not much left".)

Field days are held periodically.  These are one-day outings usually held on a Saturday and centered around Scout skills or crafts, interesting activities, or just plain fun.

Food for camping trips is usually purchased by the patrol leader and/or his assistant.  He will turn in his receipt(s) to the treasurer for reimbursement using this form. The treasurer will collect campout fees during the weeks prior to a Troop trip via the lockbox in the Scout Hut.  Costs of a trip will be approximately $4/meal plus fuel and other expenses.



The Troop meets each Tuesday evening from 7:00 until 8:30 throughout the year.  We do not meet on most major holidays.  However, scouts should check their Troop calendar.  Troop meetings are held at the Scout Hut at Sandia Presbyterian Church unless otherwise announced.  No one may leave any Troop function without securing advance permission from the Scoutmaster.  Individual Patrol meetings are arranged by the Patrol Leader as needed.  All trips, hikes, field days, etc., are announced at the Troop meetings and listed on the Troop calendar.  Food and drinks are not allowed at Troop meetings, except on special occasions.



We have not had any problems with scouts driving and don't anticipate any but would like to remind everyone of the transportation policies handed down to us by BSA and their insurance company (These rules originate from the fact that BSA’s secondary insurance coverage begins when a scout or leader leaves home for a Scouting function and continues through arrival back at home):
            1)Scouts holding a valid driver's license may drive to Troop functions provided that they do so safely.  Once at the meeting, they should leave the car until after the meeting.  Remember, only the Scoutmaster or the adult leader in charge can give a scout permission to leave a Troop function early.
            2) Only adults over age 21 may drive other scouts to or during any Scouting function.



Patrol Leaders' Conferences (PLC) are held ??? at the Scout Hut.  Plans for the following month are agreed upon and details for program implementation are established.  Patrol Leaders are expected to attend.  If unable to be at these important meetings, the Patrol Leader must have his Assistant Patrol Leader, Patrol Scribe, or another scout from his patrol attend.


Troop 1 goes to a Scout Camp (or two) each summer for a week.  Details are announced in mid-winter.  Each Scout will have time and opportunities to work at saving money to go to camp.  Money from the scout's ledger may be used for this.  A medical examination form signed by a doctor within the last 36 months is also required.  High Adventure camp activities usually require a med form signed within the last 12 months.  Adults over age 40 must have their form signed within 12 months.
            The advancement opportunities at summer camp are tremendous.  Most of a scout's merit badges will be earned at camp.  It is highly recommended that each scout take advantage of at least one week of summer camp each year for advancement and for fun.  Any scout wishing to attend an additional week of summer camp within a provisional troop is encouraged to do so.



To be properly informed of Troop activities, each scout needs to read the Troop emails from the Scoutmaster and listen carefully to weekly announcements at Troop meetings.  A copy of the Troop 1 email is sent to the parent(s) of each scout so they will have the opportunity to keep abreast of Troop activities.  In addition, Patrol Leaders should keep their patrol members up to date on events throughout the year.  When quick communication is essential, the Patrol Leaders or their parents will notify patrol members by telephone.  When in doubt about what is expected, a scout should contact his Patrol Leader first.



It is unwise to bring radios, tape players, footballs, softballs, soccer balls, frisbees, etc. on Troop trips unless they are authorized as part of the Troop program.  Such items are easily lost or damaged and the Troop cannot be responsible for their fate.  In addition, sheath knives and excessively large folding knives are not allowed by BSA regulation.  Any unauthorized items will be taken into custody by the Scoutmaster or one of his assistants for the duration of the trip.  Small CD players or radios with earphones (where the sound is well contained) are allowed during transportation on long trips, but are not encouraged.