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Popcorn Sales

Pumpkin Delivery



It's Popcorn Time!

Start Date: August 19, 2008

Delivery Date:October 25, 2008


Troop Goal! $17,500

The Parent/Troop Committee has come-up with the following procedures for this year's Popcorn Sale, Troop 1's LARGEST FUNDRAISER:

  • It is recommended that each Scout Sell a minimum of $350 worth of Popcorn. This will provide approximately $125 profit to the Troop, per Scout.
  • If a Scout Sells over $350 worth of Popcorn, his account will be credited with the additional proceeds (Troop profit). In other words, a Scout will be credited for all proceeds over the initial $125 profit that his sale provide. EXAMPLE: If a Scout sells $500 in Popcorn, the Troop will profit about 37% of his sale or $185. $125 will go to the Troop for Equipment, Awards, Recognition Items, Popcorn Sale Incentives, etc (items in our vast 2009 Troop Budget). $60 will then go to the Scout's Individual Account. If a Scout Sells $1,000 worth of Popcorn the Troop will profit about $370 of his sale, $125 will go to the Troop and $245 will go to his account. If a Scout sells $5,000 worth of Popcorn he will have approximately $1,725 going to his Individual Account!!!
  • A $125 "Buy-Out" amount has been established for any Scout who does not wish to sell Popcorn.
  • For Scouts that DO sell Popcorn, but DO NOT reach the $350 minimum, they will be asked to "Buy-Out" of the remaining amount of the $125 that was not covered by the Popcrn sales. EXAMPLE: If a Scout sells $200 of Popcorn, the amount on the remaining $350 "minimum" is $150. 37% of that $150 is $55.50 and that will be the "Buy-Out" amount requested.
  • The FINAL RESULT is that the Troop should receive $125 for each Scout.
  • This money distrbution is for this year only and may change again for next year.
  • The Patrol Leader's Council/Green Bar, opted out of the Council Prize Program and has established the following 2008 Troop 1 Popcorn Prize Program: * Every Scout that Sells $350 worth of Popcorn or more will be treated to a Troop 1 Party (Bowling, Carting, Rock Climbing, Hinkle Family Fun Center) to be determined by the $350+ Sellers at the end of the Sale in December. **The TOP TROOP SELLER will receive a $150 Gift Certificate, The 2nd TOP TROOP SELLER will receive a $100 Gift Certifcate and the 3rd TOP TROOP SELLER will receive a $75 Gift Certificate. ***All Council Patches and Medals will be Awarded to the Sellers. ****All Council TOP SELLING AWARDS, $1,000+ will be Awarded our Scouts.
  • If the Troop reaches it's $17,500 GOAL...Each Seller will partake in the Shaving and Removable of Mr. B's moustache at the December Court of Honor!!!!
  • If you have any questions, please see Mr. Nuttall or Mr. B...THANK YOU FOR MAKING OUR 2008 POPCORN SALE THE BEST EVER!!!!



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